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The Whangarei Waterfront 1880sThe Whangarei Bridge Replaced by Victoria Bridge in 1936Lang's Head. Looking across Lang's Beach, Northland Steamship at WhangareiEx Northen Advocate Building, Water Street, WhangareiWhangarei Town Basin Showing Train in Walton StreetMair Park WhangareiBarbecue Area at Heritage ParkWhangarei Town Basin The SS Apanui, Northern Steam Ship Company, on the Awanui RiverThe Whangarei Waterfront and Reyburn House Whangarei FallsMair Park WhangareiBoat Harbour, WhangareiEntrance to Central Park, WhangareiBank Street, WhangareiCameron Street, WhangareiWhangarei Town Basin and Cafler House - About 1909Whau Valley Coal MineWhangarei Town Basin 1978 Ready for Noumea Yacht RaceThe Whangarei Waterfront about 1900A Favourite Camping Spot at Waipu Cove



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063.jpgKamo School CadetsSupplementary archaeological report of proposed subdivision of Lot 1.DP63144, Taupo BayLorraine Scott and Ray Brown wedding 1960sHistoric Resources, Legal and Policy requirementsRobert Mathews Buried Under Floor of Deddington ChurchSport Northland 1967 Part 5CN04 Page 33CN02 Page 36Whangarei District Council Maps Foreword 1990 04Sport Northland 1960 Part 7CN05 Page 73New Zealand Land Inventory : Kaitaia-Rawene : Existing land useWhangarei City Gateway to the NorthKororipo Pa. Research report for the Waitangi TribunalSport Northland 1962 Part 4Hokianga NotesAnne Lungevich [?] & parentsPlan of Kamo Town Dist. & Pt. Blk. V. Whangarei S.D.Mimiwhangata 1972. Archaeological Report.CN03 Page 90PN01.66Back Kensington Park A & P Show 1900 / Nutsford & Menzies garage 1926North Cape : N.Z. topographical mapHarbour from above DamWhangarei 757CCN03 Page 47CN04 Page 59Florence Keene Scrapbook Volume 25Te Paki/Te Hapua, Waitiki Landing - Tourism Proposal. Notesscan266St Pauls RockProposed subdivision, Archaeological survey and assessment of effectsWhangarei Photo News October 1964Submission. Te Paki Farm Park: Draft Management PlanA Preliminary Report on an Archaeological Survey of the Far NorthWhangarei Town Hall OrchestraArchaeological Site Survey of Shoe Island and the Slipper Island GroupArchaeological Inspection of the Colmore-Williams Property -Pomare Bay Estate "Pinelands"- and Wijnstock's Property -"Fullers Sl057.jpgWhangaruru Harbour Reserve (Tokitoki Point)scan394027.jpgNorthland Winter Exhibition 1963Archaeology of the Waipoua Region, Northland Pt 1. List of sites from Hokianga South Herad to Maunganui Bluff UF017094.jpgWises Northland North MapPN01.66 Whau ValleyCN04 Page 21aOtara Point N20/61 Paper. Archaeological Resource Management